17 year old boys

I am more like a 17 year old boy than I ever was. I grew up very shy and serious. My mother said I was “born grown up”. In hindsight that’s kinda sad.

Now I laugh easily. I laugh wholeheartedly and I laugh like a 17 year old boy. When they sit in the back of our truck on the way to hockey I am in hysterics as they make fun of themselves, talk about their teachers and make simple, flowing, light conversation.

I am more in tune with a 17 year old boy and laugh as hard with them as I do with my girlfriends.

I am so privileged to have had a child later in life. I highly recommend it if you want to laugh alot in your 50’s.


My life has made me grateful for the little things. My work is my passion. I have worked with Seniors for 30 years. I have seen the way we view aging. There are changes coming. In our attitude and our self discovery. Aging is an awesome time of inner growth and development of who we are. We become who we were always meant to be. I love it!

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