What I Think I Know

I know what I know. But I’m aware there are things I dont know. I just dont know what I dont know.

I am sure of my convictions, my opinions. I am sure of my right and wrong.

I have very low patience for those who dont.

I let my impatience show but temper it with apologies.

At my age, what I know matters, alot, to me.

I am more adamant, more convinced.

The best part about this is I also know there is room to learn and grow. I wish I could know everything, have an opinion on everything….

Am I always right. No way. Do I apologize. For sure. But boy will I fight it out. I think I might be getting a little too fraught when I see an injustice happening. My perceived injustice that is. I am vocal …like saying to a store manager ” you need to stop talking now” when he’s being disrespectful and unjust to me. Is that stepping over the line? Or, is it me not giving a shit and sticking to my opinion…..rudeness or empowerment – apparantly it’s a fine line. But one I get a kick out of walking on.

Confidence with conviction. Love the feeling💥☯️☮


My life has made me grateful for the little things. My work is my passion. I have worked with Seniors for 30 years. I have seen the way we view aging. There are changes coming. In our attitude and our self discovery. Aging is an awesome time of inner growth and development of who we are. We become who we were always meant to be. I love it!

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