So Shy

I remember my grade 2 teacher embarrassing me because I raised my hand when she said “spell house”. I spelled horse on the black board. I was so shy and nervous but I thought she was one of the “safe” teachers who I could trust so I could take a chance. No such luck.

Another teacher in grade 8 made fun of me for not knowing a math answer.

I know these teachers are still around because my son was made fun of in his science class in grade nine. He was also painfully shy at the time. Now we know it as anxiety.

“Youth is wasted on the young”. If only I had my Superpower of speaking up for myself when I was little. I think at this age I am making up for lost time…speaking out for others…not accepting that treatment as normal.

I remember everyone getting excited over the icecream truck coming after school. I was excited too but I was also scared because I had to ask for my own icecream. That really stretched my limits. And so…I overindulged my kids when the ice cream truck came. A metaphor for giving the 2 shy kids a voice of their own.

Allow kids to grow and learn at their own pace. If you dont get “shy”, it doesnt mean its wrong. Read the book “Quiet”. Quiet people are an untapped resource of thinkers.

But above all these experiences made me mindful of others and how I treat them. School can really suck for alot of kids. Kind teachers are a real asset. They are out there.


My life has made me grateful for the little things. My work is my passion. I have worked with Seniors for 30 years. I have seen the way we view aging. There are changes coming. In our attitude and our self discovery. Aging is an awesome time of inner growth and development of who we are. We become who we were always meant to be. I love it!

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