Becoming a Parent


I’ve been a mother for 27 years. A parent for one.

Is that because I’ve aged and changed? Yes. Because I know myself better than ever? Yes. Because I’ve been told I am a “good enough mother”. Yes.

But it is also because just recently I have all three adult children living with me. Whoo hoo! Not.

Before, when they were kids, I knew what it meant to be a mother. Love, support, guidance and discipline. Setting boundries, helping with problems. Being a parent to an adult? 3 adults? With very different needs, wants, abilities, coping skills, personalities. Being a parent has recently become a whole new ball game. They are their whole selves now.

Being a mother. Self explanatory. Pretty much. A parent, not so much. More discussing, more teaching, more problem solving.

The same amount of love and affection. Yes. Discipline? No..reasoning through mistakes, guidance. Yes!..

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My life has made me grateful for the little things. My work is my passion. I have worked with Seniors for 30 years. I have seen the way we view aging. There are changes coming. In our attitude and our self discovery. Aging is an awesome time of inner growth and development of who we are. We become who we were always meant to be. I love it!

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