The value of silence?

I see so many sayings about the value of staying silent. Sorry, not in my DNA apparently.

Not being silent can sure get one in oodles of trouble with others.

Being silent gets me in oodles of trouble with my own mental health.

I’m trying, still at my age, to figure about a balance.

I have decided..a long time ago, that I would never remain silent about injustices that I see. But I am still learning the best way to be vocal. Being ” vocal” doesnt always mean speaking. You can change injustices in other ways. Behind the scenes, in other ways,with other people. It doesnt need to be done in the traditional way…arguing, compromising.

Although a fun way to problem solve, arguing gets one in trouble…which I also dont give a shit about at my age.

But you need to think harder, think smarter, plan and calculate to see injustices changed

Being “silent”, Ha never going to happen.

Being a “stealth” change maker” oh yeah!!


My life has made me grateful for the little things. My work is my passion. I have worked with Seniors for 30 years. I have seen the way we view aging. There are changes coming. In our attitude and our self discovery. Aging is an awesome time of inner growth and development of who we are. We become who we were always meant to be. I love it!

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